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Agent Effort Score

What is Agent Effort Score?

Keeping customers happy is one of the most important things for a business. If they are unhappy, they will not only leave your company but probably not recommend you at all or even worse spread the bad word around. 

Customer support agents are the frontline employees in charge of assisting these customers, go through their concerns and needs, and help them resolve any issues or doubts they may have. For this reason, the agents experience has become an important topic worldwide, based on the fact that it significantly affects the overall customer experience. If agents are engaged and empowered they will most likely pass this vibe over to the customer, and offer them a great service.

So having a way to measure how easy it is being for your support team to help customers is completely necessary and is what we call Agent Effort Score. This metric provides valuable insights of what can be done internally to improve processes and tools that will surely help your agents give the customer a better experience.

What is Agent Effort Score?

Agent Effort Score (AES) is a satisfaction survey that is presented to an agent after finishing their interaction with a customer, and consists of one simple question: How easy was it to resolve this ticket? There the agent will have to select an option on a scale from 1 to 5, which goes from Very Difficult to Very Easy —> 

Very Difficult = 1

Difficult = 2 

Neither Easy nor Difficult = 3

Easy = 4

Very Easy = 5 

Leaders use this metric to gauge how the internal processes, tools and applications their team use on a daily basis are either helping or hindering their productivity, and is a great way to identify frictions, and track how well your agents support your customers. 

Why track Agent Effort Score?

This metric will provide you the information needed to have specific conversations with your team about what processes, tools, and applications are causing friction in their daily tasks, or even help track where your agents are experiencing a lack of knowledge, to offer them additional training. You can also use the score to understand how well your team is functioning internally and find out which agents are having more difficulties than others, to provide them an opportunity for outreach. It’s simple, by measuring Agent Effort Score it most certainly becomes simpler to reach out and support the agents who are having frictions. 

In conclusion, being able to support the customer is one of the most important things for your customer support team. Remember they are the face of your company, and if their job is made more difficult by a certain internal tool or process, it’s important that you know. So, why not start measuring AES and make it easy for your team to support customers?

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