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Loopy Launches Productivity Tool to Drive Operational Efficiencies and Reduce AHT, Now Available in the Zendesk Marketplace.

Loopy has launched a new productivity tool designed to drive operational efficiencies, save costs and reduce AHT (average handling time) for customer support teams. The tool is now available in the Zendesk Marketplace, enabling Zendesk’s customers to take advantage of Loopy’s innovative technology and improve their customer support operations.


Manizales, Colombia – February 24, 2023 – Loopy, a provider of productivity tools for customer support teams, announced today the availability of its flagship product in the Zendesk Marketplace. Loopy is a powerful productivity tool designed to help customer support teams track and optimize their performance, reduce average handling time (AHT), and save costs.

Loopy offers a unique Agent Effort Score that allows customer support teams to track and measure the effort required to handle different types of support tickets. With these insights, teams can optimize their workflows, identify areas for improvement, and drive operational efficiencies, resulting in a better customer experience and improved customer satisfaction.

“We’re excited to launch Loopy in the Zendesk Marketplace,” said Carlos Serna, Co-Founder of Loopy. “By providing insights into the efficiency of customer support operations and helping teams reduce AHT, Loopy can deliver significant cost savings for businesses while enhancing their customer support capabilities.”

Loopy is a flexible tool that integrates seamlessly with several customer support platforms, including Zendesk, Salesforce, Kustomer, and Intercom, making it a versatile solution for teams that want to improve productivity and efficiency in their customer support operations.

The addition of Loopy to the Zendesk Marketplace demonstrates Zendesk’s commitment to providing its users with a robust and diverse set of tools to enhance the functionality of Zendesk products.

Loopy is now available in the Zendesk Marketplace, and users can install it directly from there to start tracking their support efforts and optimizing their workflows. For more information on Loopy and its unique features, please visit Loopy’s website.

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