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Loopy is focused on 3 distinct areas: Analyze, Prevent and Improve, carefully designed to help companies build a continuous improvement environment that benefits both their teams and customers alike. 

Let’s start with analysis, our first step is to identify your North Star SLAs, which provide a heightened perspective on how your team performs. Whether it’s Average Handle Time (AHT), Customer Satisfaction Rate (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), First Contact Resolution (FCR), etc, every company has a unique set of KPIs to track. Once this is clearly defined, our platform enables you to monitor your agents´ experiences and measure Agent Effort Score (AES) in real time through our Loopy survey. With data and feedback at your fingertips, our platform makes it simple and seamless for team leaders to quickly and effectively escalate issues to the appropriate teams for resolution. 

Next up we have prevention. Here our platform can help identify those areas that require immediate attention, while assisting leaders in reviewing which actions should be taken in a short, medium, or long term period. This approach ensures that the same issues don’t reoccur and your teams resources can be used effectively. 

Finally, our platforms unique approach to improvement uses AES not only to understand how easy it´s being for your agents to resolve tickets, but also to identify opportunities for automation. It enables businesses to alleviate their agents workload and help them focus on those customer interactions that need more attention. By reviewing agent interaction journeys, we continuously enhance workflows and processes, reducing the operational costs while increasing customer loyalty rates. Additionally, our collaboration tool provides agents a faster and easier way to ask and receive help, providing access to team resources, streamlining and simplifying operations, thereby increasing the number of interactions agents can handle per shift.  

By improving the entire agent experience (AX), Loopy reduces agent attrition improving their motivation and engagement with the company, which will result in a positive customer experience (CX). Our platform focuses on internal feedback, team collaboration (Loopy´s Raise Hand) and AI technologies to increase the overall rate of customer satisfaction, lowering AHT and increasing FCR. We work towards empowering and enabling teams to provide exceptional customer experiences every time and we are leveraging artificial intelligence to help leaders make better decisions and act quickly upon negative interactions that can affect the overall experience.

Loopy´s Analyze, Prevent and Improve approach is ready to help your team build a foundation of continuous improvement in support operations. Our aim is to create a collaborative working environment that enhances KPIs and benefits both your teams and customers. Experience the difference with Loopy today.

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