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Boosting Agent Performance with Loopy’s Agent Effort Score and Agent Raise Hand Tool

In the fast-paced world of customer support, delivering exceptional service while maximizing agent productivity is a constant challenge. To address this, Loopy offers innovative solutions that empower support teams to excel. In this article, we’ll delve into the powerful features of Loopy’s effort score and agent collaboration tools and explore how they work in synergy to boost agent performance, streamline operations, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Let´s start by understanding Agent Effort Score (AES). This is a key metric that gauges the level of effort an agent has to exert when interacting with a customer. Loopy integrates the effort score seamlessly into the agent workflow, allowing agents to rate their effort and provide feedback on those tickets in which an abnormality was identified. This real-time measurement provides valuable insights into the customer experience and helps identify areas for improvement in day-to-day operations.

However, that´s not it. Loopy takes the agent effort score a step further by enabling companies to include customizable follow-up questions based on the agent´s initial answer. This feature allows organizations to gather specific details about why a particular ticket was challenging or time-consuming. The ability to delve deeper into the factors affecting effort score helps companies pinpoint root causes and implement targeted improvements.

But, agent effort score not only provides valuable insights into the customer experience, it also helps enhance agent performance. By tracking effort scores on an individual level, Loopy enables team leaders to identify those agents who consistently have high effort scores and provides an opportunity for targeted coaching and training. This data-driven approach empowers agents to refine their skills, resulting in improved customer interactions and higher satisfaction levels. And as many agents have told us, it is a great tool to become more aware of there strengths and weaknesses.

Now with the rise of remote work, effective collaboration among support team members is essential for delivering exceptional customer service. Loopy’s agent collaboration tool facilitates seamless communication and support within the same case management tool. Agents can raise their hand within a ticket, signaling that they require assistance. This feature connects them with the appropriate personnel, ensuring swift resolution and minimizing customer wait times.This real-time collaboration capability streamlines problem resolution, eliminates the need for disjointed communication channels, and ensures a seamless support experience for both agents and customers.

In conclusion, the ever-evolving realm of customer support, optimizing agent performance and fostering effective collaboration are vital for delivering exceptional service. Loopy’s effort score and agent collaboration tools offer a comprehensive ecosystem that addresses these needs. By leveraging effort score insights and enabling real-time collaboration, companies can enhance agent performance, refine processes, and ultimately elevate the customer experience. Empower your support team, streamline operations, and achieve new levels of customer satisfaction with Loopy.


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