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What is Loopy?

Running customer support can feel like spinning plates. Supervisors have to lead and  manage their teams, issue performance monitoring and reports, train and coach, assure a high service quality if provided to customers, and ultimately ensure the team is keeping up with the key performance indicators. Loopy is here to simplify supervisors role with our cutting-edge technology. 


Our goal is to help streamline the support operation. By reducing costs and ensuring customer satisfaction, we want to make running customer service teams straightforward and stress-free. Together, we will create a world where every interaction is a delightful journey, guided by the seamless integration of human expertise and AI innovation.

Our mission & vision


“Build the future of customer support operations one innovation at a time”.


“Create a world where customer support is a joyful experience for everyone involved”.

We are revolutionizing customer support operations, reducing costs, and elevating customer satisfaction.

Loopy ALTE Values


Always Improving

Every day, we learn something new to get better. We think of innovation as a never-ending journey of improvement.

Listen Carefully

We pay close attention to what our customers and colleagues say. Good ideas can come from anywhere, and often start with careful listening.

Take Action

We're quick to make decisions and get things done. We know that to make a difference, we need to act.

Enjoy the Journey

We love what we do. We know the road to innovation can be long, but we enjoy the process and the lessons we learn along the way.

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