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Slide Your level of effort when solving a ticket and assist you in getting help easily Hello! I'm Loopy, my purpose is to identify

Agent experience

Loopy is the first agent experience platform that allows you to express your effort during each customer interaction. This way your team leader will be able to identify the frictions and difficulties that you are experiencing and take action to improve the situation.

AES (Agent Effort Score)

By measuring AES (Agent Effort Score) Loopy will also help reduce AHT (Average Handle Time) and improve CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Rate) metrics to enhance the overall agent and customer experience.


Feedback is one of the most powerful ways for you to share your effort and evaluate aspects (training, process, tools, wellness, etc) that will help you improve and keep up with an excellent performance

Customer interactions

Customer interactions can require extra effort and may cause a lot of frustration. Loopy allows you to report those types of tickets to your team leader that way together you can find ways to improve processes and tools.

Agent experience

dive in!

1. Loopy Invitation

You will either receive an invitation through email or a link from your team leader to download the Loopy Google Chrome Extension.

2. Install Loopy

Download the Loopy Google Chrome Extension and pin it to your browser.

2. Install Loopy

Download the Loopy Google Chrome Extension and pin it to your browser.

3. Rate your effort

After submitting a ticket as solved, the Loopy pop-up window will automatically show up and ask you how easy was it for you to handle that ticket.

Loopy for Agents


  • Share your feedback during each customer interaction.
  • Express your difficulties in an easy way and in real time.
  • Have an opportunity of outreach in case your struggling with something.
  • Reduce AHT and improve CSAT metrics.
  • Increase your levels of productivity and efficiency when supporting customers.
  • Have a great work experience and be a happier agent.

Loopy: a customer support ops platform for cost optimization without compromising on service quality.

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