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How Loopy helped BILL improve their Agents' Experience

BILL is a leading provider of cloud-based software that simplifies, digitizes, and automates back-office financial processes for small and medium-sized businesses. They have helped companies streamline their financial workflow, generate and process invoices, streamline approvals, send and receive payments, sync with their accounting system, and manage their cash. BILL has more than 400,000 customers and employs over _____ people worldwide. Their CX Promise analyzes 3 main perspectives: enablement, effort, and emotion both for their customers and agents, but they were lacking a tool that would help them understand and improve their agent’s experience.


Balakarthik (Bala) Venkataramanan is Vice President – Head of Customer Experience at BILL, and Marvin Crues is BILL´s Senior Director of CX Service Delivery. Both of them are in charge of seeking for tools that will help improve their processes and engage their employees to the point in which they can provide the best customer experience possible. 

What was very interesting was that when we first talked with Bala about Loopy and how to improve customer experience, we all agreed on the fact that agent experience plays a fundamental role here. However, they didn’t have at the moment a tool to measure agent effort and collect agent feedback that would help them gather valuable insights regarding their internal operations. His exact words were “we view agent experience as a critical success factor in our future CX journey and I think this simple but powerful tool (Loopy) can really help us”.


Loopy provides BILL real-time data on how their agents are doing in their day to day basis, by simply asking them the following question “How easy was it to handle this ticket”. The agents have a 5-point response scale and also a box to leave any feedback if necessary. This data is posted on the Loopy dashboard, where team leaders and supervisors can view the Agent Effort Score (AES) and target those agents that need additional support to improve the overall operational excellence. 


When Bala and Marvin decided to start with Loopy´s 30-day free trial they were excited and amazed at how easy it was to implement this tool into their operation. When we asked Marvin what was driving their interest in Loopy, this is what he said “I am a BIG FAN of this product, you know the big thing here is employee engagement. This to me is a big win that I can give to the advocates right off the top. It is a way to tell them we are hearing them and we are going to do something about their feedback. Forget all the analytics, forget all the other things. Just tell us if you struggled with something and we will help you. 


On the other hand, during this period, agents were extremely excited about Loopy. We even met up with some of them a few times to receive feedback. Here are some we collected →


Marcelle Risonar (Agent): “I have had a great experience using Loopy, it helps me engage more and be more attentive on how to interact with customers, and it does not affect any of my other tools”. 


Griffin Kartchner (Agent): “I have really liked Loopy. It´s been nice to kind of voice your opinion on certain things, especially when it comes to processes that can become somewhat sticky or rough. It is good to be able to show this somewhere, when before it was like well that was a pain or that really sucked, let me remember it until I have my next 1:1 session, but you really always end up forgetting. So it´s great to just kind of immediately express why certain interactions are difficult. 

Olivia Pace (Agent): “Loopy makes you more aware of the chats you´re taking and the skill levels that you are at. Using this tool has helped me become more conscious of my strengths and weaknesses. So this has been really helpful”.


On August 18th, Loopy and BILL´s partnership was ready. Initially, they began with 100 agents reporting, but with just a few weeks of operation, we received an email from Marvin to expand Loopy to another 150+ advocates. 


During this time, we have met up with the BILL team on several occasions, we have provided them onboarding sessions, and fast and quick support, we have heard their feedback and needs and worked extremely hard to change and improve the tool for their operation. We have received multiple responses from team leaders and agents expressing their satisfaction with our help: “You guys rock”. / “Thanks. Your team is the best”. 

Today, the BILL leaders are able to equal CX = AX and see if there is consistency in these metrics, they are also able to understand what internal processes need to be improved in order to provide a better experience for their agents, and help improve known KPIs, such as AHT and CSAT. On the other hand, they have more engaged agents by giving them a voice to freely express their difficulties and frictions, which helps them feel important and listened to, as well as  provide those agents that are still working remotely a faster opportunity for outreach or support.

“we view agent experience as a critical success factor in our future CX journey and I think this simple but powerful tool (Loopy) can really help us”.