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Automated Customer Effort Score (CES) Tracking

When customers don’t respond to effort surveys, our system has you covered. Loopy along with AI can provide you with an automatic score based on real-time data, revealing how easy or difficult it was for the customer to resolve their issues.

Sometimes, customers don’t tell you how easy or hard it was for them to get help. Usual customer surveys might not get answered, and you’re left not knowing how they felt about their experience with the support team. This makes it tough to figure out the level of effort customers put into resolving their issues.


Why it Matters
Identifying how much effort your customers put into resolving an issue is really important. If you don’t know how easy or difficult it was for them, you might not be able to identify areas for improvements. If customers find it too hard, they might not feel happy and could decide to leave. If you’re not considering this today, you may not be delivering the best support and could be losing valuable customers.


Introducing automated customer effort score (CES) tracking with Loopy and it’s integration with artificial intelligence (AI). When your customers don’t respond to effort surveys, we’ve got you covered. Our tool uses AI to automatically give a score based on real-time data, showing how easy or difficult it was for customers to resolve their issues. This helps you understand their experience, fix any problems quickly, and keep making your support even better

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