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Boost your Knowledge Base

Get a real-time view of how your support team uses the knowledge base, identifying which articles or resources are frequently visited and which ones may need updating or more visibility.

Sometimes in customer support, it may not be clear which information in the knowledge base is being used the most. This lack of visibility into which articles or resources are frequently accessed and which are not, leads to potential gaps, outdated content, and missed opportunities for improvement, slowing down a support team’s ability to help customers.


Why it Matters
A knowledge base is like a support team’s encyclopedia. It provides all the valuable information for issue resolution. If you don’t have a clear view on how it’s being used, there is a risk of outdated or less effective articles going unnoticed. This can make it harder for agents to solve customer problems, leading to longer wait times and frustration. If you don’t pay close attention, the support quality can suffer, and customers might churn, do to the bad experience.


Introducing a tool that monitors the usage of your knowledge base. Loopy offers a real-time view of how your support team interacts with this important resource. It identifies which articles are frequently visited, helping you pinpoint valuable content and areas for improvement. By understanding what your team uses most and what they don’t, you can focus on updating, expanding, or giving more visibility to critical articles. This way, you’ll keep your support encyclopedia up-to-date, making sure your team has the best information to help customers quickly and effectively. It’s all about making your support smoother and keeping your customers happy.

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