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Elevate Agent Insights: Voice of the Agent (VoA) and Agent Experience

Collect and analyze agent feedback to pinpoint specific challenges in your support operation. This process results in improved training, reduced stress, better performance, and a more positive agent experience.

In customer support, it can be hard to know exactly when and what our support agents are struggling with. They might be facing challenges that we’re not aware of, which can make their job stressful and impact how well they perform. This lack of insight can lead to an overall negative agent experience.


Why it Matters
Understanding what your support agents are going through is really important for making their work experience positive. If you don’t know their concerns, it can lead to disengagement, stress, and low performance levels. Not providing your agents a voice to easily share there feedback with you may result in a less effective support team with high turnover rates, which will ultimately impact the customer satisfaction and overall success of the support operation.


Loopy introduces the agent effort score (AES). This solution involves collecting and analyzing feedback from support agents to understand how easy or hard it is being for them to resolve tickets, helping pinpoint specific challenges in your operation. By addressing their concerns, you can improve training, reduce stress, enhance performance, and create a more positive agent experience. It’s about listening to your frontline employees, understanding their needs, and making changes that lead to a happier and more effective support team.

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