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Instantly Pinpoint and Address Work Avoidance

Quickly identify when your support agents are avoiding their responsibilities and take action, like those agents who constantly are declining customer calls.

When agents avoid their responsibilities, it impacts the efficiency and quality of the service. Sometimes, support agents may decline calls, transfer calls immediately once answered, stay on line with a same customer for a long period of time, or delay after call work. All this leads to decreased productivity, potentially compromising the overall customer experience.


Why it Matters
Identifying and addressing work avoidance is crucial for maintaining a high service level. Work avoidance can lead to unaddressed customer issues, prolonged resolution times, and an overall decline in the effectiveness of the support team. Ignoring this or not spotting it on time can result in a negative impact on the customer experience, potentially leading to dissatisfaction and a damaged reputation.


Introducing a tool for instant work avoidance detection. Loopy quickly spots when agents are avoiding work, sending alerts in real-time so you can take action immediately. This helps keep your support team focused, responsive, and ready to provide a great service. By dealing with work avoidance fast, you are making sure your customers are getting the help they need right away, without unnecessary delays. It’s all about keeping your team accountable and making sure your customers have a smooth experience with the company.

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