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Real-Time Agent Performance Monitoring

Monitor your agent’s performance, focusing on quality, adherence to scripts and guidelines, and key performance indicators (KPIs). This way you’ll easily detect what’s working well, where improvements are needed, and make changes to make your customer service better.

In customer support, it can be hard to know how well your support agents are doing in real-time. Traditional methods might miss important details about the quality of their work, if they’re following rules, and how they’re meeting performance goals. This lack of real-time insights can mean missed chances to make things better, throughout targeted training, process optimization, and continuous improvement initiatives.


Why it Matters
Knowing how well your support agents are doing is extremely important for delivering a great customer service. Without a clear and real–time view on they’re quality of work, making sure they’re following rules and meeting key performance indicators (KPIs), it’s hard to make improvements. This can lead to unhappy and disengaged employees, which result in unhappy customers and damaged business reputation. When this is ignored, you’re missing chances to make your support even better.


Loopy provides businesses with real-time performance monitoring, helping CX leaders keep a close watch on their support agents. By having real-time data you can easily detect what’s working well and what or who needs a hand. This enables you to make quick improvements, ensuring that your customer service is always on point.

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