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SLA Performance Monitoring

Identify situations in which contractual commitments may be at risk. When this happens support teams can be alerted so they can focus on those interactions that are approaching SLA violations.

In customer support, it can be challenging to keep track of whether we’re meeting the promises we made to our customers about how quickly we’ll help them (Service Level Agreements or SLAs). Without a clear monitoring system, you might miss situations where you could be at risk of not meeting these commitments, which can lead to unhappy customers and potential business problems.


Why it Matters
Meeting contractual commitments is extremely important for maintaining customer satisfaction and trust. Is you’re unaware of situations where these promises may be at risk, it can mean you’re letting your customers down, which could generate frustration and hurt the brand reputation. Not being on top of SLA performance could harm customer relations and impact the overall success of your support operation.


A tool that can identify situations where contractual commitments are at risk. Loopy is able to detect SLA violations and alert CX leaders timely, allowing them to focus on those interactions that are approaching SLA violations. It’s about staying on top of what you promised, fixing potential issues, and ensuring you consistently meet the expectations you’ve set for customers. In other words, cultivating trust.

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